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TMW Buys IDSC; Upgrades TruckMate Program

Transportation technology provider TMW Systems said Monday it acquired Integrated Support Decision Corporation, for an undisclosed sum.

September 17, 2007
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Trucking’s Interest in GPS Devices Growing to Meet Needs of Shippers, Survey Finds

Global Positioning System equipment has not yet become standard for all motor carriers, but more fleets are showing interest in the technology to meet the demands of shippers, and those who use it already rate their systems highly, a recent survey showed.

September 17, 2007
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Fleet Directors Minimize Tires’ Cost

Tire wear and tear is inevitable, but carriers can minimize its effects by choosing high-quality materials and being rigorous about maintenance and checking correct air pressures, several fleet maintenance chiefs and tire manufacturers say.

September 17, 2007
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ArvinMeritor to Close Two North American Plants

Trucking and auto component maker ArvinMeritor said late Friday it will close two shock-absorber factories and cut 700 jobs.

September 10, 2007
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Growth of Class 8 Fleet Slows After Pre-Buy, Cooling Economy

Expansion of the U.S. Class 8 truck fleet is slowing as carriers continue to put off new truck purchases and demand for freight hauling remains soft, according to a new report by research firm R.L. Polk & Co.

September 10, 2007
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Eaton to Restructure Units’ Reporting

Vehicle parts manufacturer Eaton Corp. said Friday it will realign its financial reporting structure, increasing the number of business segments reported from four to six, to reflect the company’s growth and changing mix of businesses.

September 7, 2007
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Feds Propose Rail Brake Rule

Federal rail regulators are backing a technological change that will enable trains to stop more quickly while permitting them to travel longer distances between required brake tests, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.

September 5, 2007
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Ryder to Manage China Operations for Italian Firm

An Italian manufacturer chose Ryder System to manage its supply chain operations in China, Ryder said late Tuesday.

September 5, 2007
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States to Begin Collecting Fees Under New System

FMCSA has cleared the way for states to begin collecting registration fees under the new Unified Carrier Registration system, effectively bringing the curtain down on the widely disliked Single State Registration System.

September 3, 2007
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Ryder to Buy Canadian Leasing Firm

Larry Smith/Trans Pixs

Ryder System said it has reached agreement to buy a privately held Canadian truck leasing company for an undisclosed sum.

August 30, 2007