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Partisan Disagreements Persist Over Infrastructure Funding Mechanism

fuel pump Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News

WASHINGTON — The leaders of the congressional committees tasked with crafting an infrastructure policy bill continue to disagree over a sustainable approach for ensuring the country’s transportation network is funded long term.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
March 14, 2019
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VMT Useful in Infrastructure Funding, Study Says

Truck on Oregon highway Jeff Kraus/Flickr

A fee that would charge drivers for the miles they travel would help boost the Highway Trust Fund, the American Action Forum determined in a study published April 24.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
April 27, 2018

Road Travel Rises by 3.2% in June

Mike Blake/Reuters

U.S. drivers logged 3.2% more miles in June than a year earlier, the U.S. Department of Transportation said in a monthly report on Aug. 22.

Staff and Wire Reports
August 23, 2016
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Trucking Supports Massachusetts Gov.’s Veto of VMT Bill

Office of Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker

Massachusetts won’t be joining Oregon and California in implementing a vehicle miles traveled pilot program anytime soon. Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican, vetoed a bill on Aug. 10 that the Democratic-controlled Massachusetts Legislature had passed 10 days earlier to permit the state’s Department of Transportation to start a VMT pilot.

David Elfin | Staff Reporter
August 17, 2016

VMT Programs Advance in California, Oregon

Devine Intermodal

California launched a nine-month vehicle mile tax pilot on July 1, just as its northern neighbor, Oregon, reached the first anniversary of its own program.

David Elfin | Staff Reporter
July 11, 2016
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California’s VMT Program Gets Going as Oregon’s Reaches 1-Year Mark

Devine Intermodal

As Oregon’s vehicle mile tax pilot program hits the one-year mark on July 1, California’s nine-month program, which unlike Oregon’s includes commercial vehicles, is just beginning.

David Elfin | Staff Reporter
June 29, 2016
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Federal Data: 2015 on Pace to Be Most Heavily Traveled Year

Americans drove about 2.88 trillion miles by the end of November 2015, according to data from the Federal Highway Administration. The figure signals the strong possibility that last year likely will be the most traveled year in the country’s history.

Transport Topics
January 27, 2016

US Motorists Drive Record 1.54 Trillion Miles in First Half of Year


U.S. motorists drove a record 1.54 trillion miles in the first half of 2015, beating the previous high of 1.5 trillion set in June 2007, according to new estimates released by the Federal Highway Administration.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
August 24, 2015

White House Won’t Back VMT to Raise Road Funds, DOT Says

The Obama administration last week officially distanced itself from any talk of instituting a national tax based on the number of miles vehicles travel, saying it is not considering such a levy on American drivers.

May 16, 2011