Report: Traffic to Worsen Without Federal Fund Lift

Department of Transportation

The rate at which trucks will be stuck in traffic will increase dramatically over the coming years if poor highway infrastructure is not rehabilitated, a new report by the American Society of Civil Engineers concluded.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
May 16, 2016
Perspective, Business

Opinion: Unclog Our Circulatory System Without Tolls

In the trucking industry, we’re fond of calling ourselves the lifeblood of the American economy — delivering the goods that our stores, hospitals and restaurants need to maintain our quality of life.

May 16, 2016
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Editorial: Poor Driver Health a Serious Problem

Quite often when we use the word “health” in stories, it refers to company profits, freight demand or the economy at large. Similarly, many of our stories involving truck drivers have to do with pay and turnover. That is what you expect from a business-to-business publication.

May 16, 2016
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With Union Pensions in Jeopardy, Fund Appeals to Congress for Aid

Thorny Teamsters pension issues were pushed into Congress’ lap last week by the Central States Pension Fund after the U.S. Treasury Department rejected the fund’s bid to create long-term solvency by cutting pension benefits by about 50% for most union retirees.

Rip Watson | Special to Transport Topics
May 16, 2016
Letters to the Editor, Business, Safety, Government

Letters: Regulatory Policies, Driver Commendation, HOS, Fatigue

This week's letters address traffic, a driver commendation, HOS policy and driver fatigue.

May 2, 2016
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FDA Issues Food Safety Rule

Thermo King Corp.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration last week issued its final rule establishing new requirements for the sanitary transportation of human and animal food by truck and rail, to guard against food contamination.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
April 11, 2016
Perspective, Business

One Country, One Nationwide Rest-Break Rule

In 1994, Congress wrote a bill authorizing the Federal Aviation Administration. In addition to keeping our skies safe, that bill laid down an important principle for our industry: that the federal government — not individual states — should write rules for interstate trucking.

April 11, 2016
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E-Logs Improve Business Processes, Fleets Say, as Industry Preps for Mandate

Funk, Tarantini, Andresen by Seth Clevenger/TT

DALLAS — Electronic driver logs can streamline fleets’ business processes and improve hours-of-service compliance, but driver outreach is key for a successful rollout, trucking executives said.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
March 28, 2016
Editorial, Business

Editorial: Prepping for ELDs

Nearly every significant rulemaking from the federal government is bound to be met with some skepticism and doubt from at least a portion of the freight transportation industry.

March 21, 2016
Perspective, Business

Opinion: Legislative Help for the Driver Shortage

The trucking industry is searching for ways to alleviate what has become a national epidemic that apparently is growing — the driver shortage. But this problem may not be solved without tackling the enormous elephant in the room, which is costly for drivers and fleets: driver downtime and detention.

March 21, 2016