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Congress’ ‘Problem Solvers’ Tackle Infrastructure Policy

Missouri River floodwaters over a road in Nebraska Floodwaters from the Missouri River flow over a road north of Blair, Neb., on June 4. The Problem Solvers Caucus aims to create a roadmap for Congress to follow to get the nation's infrastructure back on track. (Associated Press/Nati Harnik)

Although President Donald Trump and Congressional Democrats hit the pause button on infrastructure policy discussions earlier this year, a bipartisan group of policymakers opted to press ahead with a plan of action of its own.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
June 6, 2019
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Experts: Public-Private Partnerships Could Plug Federal Government Shortfalls in Infrastructure Funding

Dan DeBono, chief infrastructure funding officer for the U.S. Department of Transportation Dan DeBono, chief infrastructure funding officer for the U.S. Department of Transportation, said he'd like to see the funding for infrastructure projects shift more to states and localities. (Eric Miller/Transport Topics)

WASHINGTON — As Congress looks to find common ground on a $2 trillion proposal that would ensure long-term infrastructure funding on the federal level, states could look more to public-private partnerships as a means of paying for local projects, experts said.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
May 17, 2019
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Experts Discuss Prospect of P3s in Raising Funds for Infrastructure

D.J. Gribbin "Our infrastructure is just not where it has been and not where it needs to be," says D.J. Gribbin, a former special assistant on infrastructure to President Trump. (Eric Miller/Transport Topics)

WASHINGTON — The timing for Infrastructure Week provided stakeholders with an opportunity to discuss what is arguably the toughest challenge facing the $2 trillion infrastructure deal President Donald Trump and congressional Democrats struck in April — how to pay for it.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
May 14, 2019
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P3s Not Suited for All Infrastructure Projects, US DOT Official Says

WASHINGTON ­— A federal transportation official reminded state and municipal agencies charged with advancing infrastructure projects of the need to review the costs and potential benefits associated with public-private partnerships.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
January 8, 2018

Virginia Transportation Chief Is a ‘Big Believer in P3s’

ARLINGTON, Va. — When he first took office in 2014, Virginia Secretary of Transportation Aubrey Layne said he wanted to make sure politics did not guide his agency on where to make infrastructure improvements or how to fund them.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
April 25, 2017

White House Says P3s to Remain Infrastructure Funding Mechanism

Nicholas Kaeser/Flickr

Tapping private capital to fund big-ticket infrastructure continues to be an ideal funding option for the White House, press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters March 9.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
March 10, 2017

Governors to Trump: P3s Not Enough to Finance Country’s Infrastructure

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News

WASHINGTON — A significant reliance on private dollars to help finance public infrastructure projects is not a funding system suitable for rural parts of the country, a group of governors told reporters after meeting with President Trump on Feb. 27.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
February 28, 2017

TIA's Nancy O'Liddy Discusses P3s

Nancy O'Liddy of the Transportation Intermediaries Association talks with TT's Eugene Mulero about public-private partnerships, Nafta, CSA scores and more in this week's video component to Capitol Agenda.

February 16, 2017

P3s Part of Infrastructure Funding Toolkit, US Chamber Transportation Official Says

WASHINGTON — The top transportation official at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce defended the potential benefits of public-private partnerships, amid back-to-back congressional hearings this month during which lawmakers questioned whether infrastructure projects backed by private dollars were right for rural areas.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
February 13, 2017

P3s Are Popular Funding Method in Canada; US DOT Takes Steps to Promote Option

The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships

While nine public-private partnerships for transportation had their financial closing in Canada in 2015, only three such infrastructure projects did the same in the United States, whose population is nine times as large.

David Elfin | Staff Reporter
January 4, 2016