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Mexican Energy Sector Overhaul Could Reduce US Export Demand

Oil flare in the Gulf of Mexico. (Getty Images)

An ambitious plan to boost Mexico’s oil and gas production could slow the country’s energy sector reforms and hinder trade opportunities for U.S. refiners and pipeline companies that have ramped up exports to meet growing demand there, according to research firm Morningstar.

Katherine Blunt | Houston Chronicle
August 7, 2018

Cabovers Key to Daimler’s Strategy in Mexico

Freightliner 2528 Freightliner's 2528 Class 8 Cabover courtesy of Daimler

PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico — The recent introduction of Class 6 and Class 8 cabover models to the Mexican market is a key part of Daimler Trucks Mexico’s strategy in its home market, and a competitive response to the segment’s growth in the country, the company’s president said.

Joe Howard | Executive Editor
November 29, 2017

Savage Opens New Petroleum Terminal in Mexico

Savage Cos., a logistics provider for the chemical industry, will begin operating a petroleum terminal in central Mexico Jan. 1, working with Kansas City Southern to move the commodities into the United States.

Transport Topics
November 13, 2017
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Commercial Processing at Tornillo US-Mexico Port of Entry Suspended for ‘Lack of Demand’

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson and Former Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker walk across the Tornillo-Guadalupe Port of Entry and International Bridge Feb. 4, 2016. Photo by Jetta Disco, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

In the years leading up to the construction of an about $133 million port of entry in Tornillo, Texas, county leaders talked about the need for a bridge that would alleviate commercial traffic at other border crossings in El Paso.

Aileen B. Flores | El Paso (Texas) Times
October 17, 2017
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California Border Crossing Station Faces Road Closure Through Sept. 25

Cars wait to enter the United States from Tijuana, Mexico through the San Ysidro port of entry in San Diego. Gregory Bull/AP

Portions of Interstates 5 and 805 that run south of State Route 905 in California will be completely closed through Sept. 25, according to the General Services Administration.

Transport Topics
September 22, 2017
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Second Round of NAFTA Talks Ends With Major Issues Unresolved

A soldier from the 36th Infantry Division, Texas Army National Guard observes a section of the Rio Grande River at sunset U.S. Army

Representatives of the United States, Mexico and Canada declared “progress” but unveiled no breakthroughs at the conclusion Sept. 5 of a second round of talks to revise the North American Free Trade Agreement

Patrick J. McDonnell | Los Angeles Times
September 6, 2017
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Mexico Is Ready for NAFTA Balancing Act

Trucks at the Border David Maung/Bloomberg News

There was excitement in the air when Mexican negotiators sat down 25 years ago with their counterparts from Canada and the United States to hammer out what would become the North American Free Trade Agreement.

August 14, 2017
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FMCSA Has Authority to Issue Permits for Mexican Trucks to Operate in US, Court Says

John Sommers II for Transport Topics

Federal regulators have the statutory authority to issue permits for U.S. longhaul operations to Mexico-domiciled trucking companies despite poor participation by Mexican carriers in a three-year pilot used to demonstrate their safety, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
July 10, 2017
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Union Pacific CEO Sees Growth With Mexico, Trump Rhetoric Aside


Union Pacific Corp. sees Mexico trade as a bright spot for its rail freight growth despite tough trade talk from President Donald Trump, CEO Lance Fritz said.

Thomas Black | Bloomberg News
June 30, 2017
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Mexican Factory Operators Remain Optimistic, See Opportunity for Improvements to NAFTA

Brad Doherty/Bloomberg News

AUSTIN, Texas — Manufacturers in Mexico aren’t as concerned about President Donald Trump’s recent threats to dump or renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement as some recent public reports have suggested, according to executives speaking at a Transplace Symposium here.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
May 15, 2017