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LaHood in New England to Deliver $20 Million Stimulus Grant

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is scheduled to deliver $20 million in federal infrastructure stimulus funding Wednesday to the New England states of Maine and New Hampshire.

Michele Fuetsch | Staff Reporter
October 19, 2010
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Obama Again Calls for $50 Billion for Transport Infrastructure

President Obama last week pushed Congress to move forward with a $50 billion spending package for transportation infrastructure, his second such plea in five weeks.

October 17, 2010
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Obama Touts Infrastructure Investment

President Obama called on federal lawmakers to back his initiative to spend $50 billion to modernize the country’s infrastructure and help reduce unemployment, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

October 12, 2010
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ATA Backs Freight-Movement Bill

Bruce Andrew Peters for TT

American Trucking Associations said it is backing legislation proposed by a California congresswoman aimed at improving freight movement throughout the country.

October 1, 2010
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Chamber of Commerce Releases Transportation Performance Index

Tannen Maury/Bloomberg News

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a new transportation index Thursday that showed a multiyear decline in U.S. infrastructure.

Sean McNally | Staff Reporter
September 23, 2010
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Obama Proposes $50 Billion as Part of Infrastructure Plan

President Obama proposed a transportation infrastructure plan last week, including a call for a one-time $50 billion federal investment and the creation of an infrastructure bank.

September 13, 2010
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Obama Proposes $50 Billion ‘Infrastructure Bank’

Tom Biery/Trans Pixs

President Obama has proposed a $50 billion “infrastructure bank” to bolster roads, bridges, rail lines and other innovative transportation projects, news services reported.

September 7, 2010
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Pa. Poll Backs More Transportation Funding, Rendell Says

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (D) released results of a bipartisan poll that showed majorities of the state’s residents are concerned about transportation and back more funding of infrastructure projects.

August 19, 2010
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AASHTO Report Cites Need for More Infrastructure Investment

Tom Biery/Trans Pixs

The U.S. freight industry’s growth and the lack of expansion in its transportation system are leading to a “crisis,” according to a new report by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.

July 12, 2010
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More Road Projects Planned During Busy Summer Season

President Obama marked the 10,000th road project funded by last year’s stimulus law in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this month, marking the beginning of what is being dubbed “Recovery Summer,” a six-week surge of infrastructure projects funded by the stimulus.

June 29, 2010