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Small Retailers Sue EPA over Renewable Fuel Standard

A national trade group of 200 small, independent petroleum retailers and convenience store owners has filed a federal lawsuit asking a court to require the Environmental Protection Agency to change its regulation that currently identifies refiners and importers as the entities responsible for blending gasoline and diesel fuel with renewable fuel.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
September 12, 2017
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Nominees for Three Key Transportation-Related Agencies Announced

President Trump announced nominees for key leadership positions, including administrators for the Federal Highway Administration and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration and assistant administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air and Radiation office.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
September 11, 2017
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Speedy Change for GHG Phase 2 Not Expected

Trailer aerodynamics Provisions in the Phase 2 rule under EPA review include trailer aerodynamics such as this. (Ridge Corp.)

A notice from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to revisit parts of the Phase 2 final rule on greenhouse gas emissions from heavy- and medium-duty trucks isn’t likely to create changes quickly, as the agency has not presented plans for expedited action and environmental groups are vowing to pursue a challenge in a federal appeals court — once the case is no longer being held in abeyance.

Jonathan S. Reiskin | Associate News Editor
August 31, 2017
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More Than 145,000 Comments Filed on EPA’s Proposed Renewable Fuel Standard

Biodiesel pump in Minnesota United Soybean Board

Comments on a plan by the Trump administration to halt the future growth of biomass-based diesel fuel and reduce the short-term requirements for all renewable fuels were largely split down the middle, pro and con.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
August 30, 2017
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EPA Will Revisit Phase 2 Trailer, Glider Rules

Strick trailer under construction A Strick trailer under construction. (Roger W. Gilroy/Transport Topics)

In a move to respond to concerns by the trailer and glider industry, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it plans to “revisit” its Phase 2 provisions on greenhouse gas emissions and fuel efficiency for medium- and heavy-duty engines.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
August 18, 2017
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EPA Proposes Lower Minimum Volume Requirement for Renewable Fuels in 2018

The EPA has proposed cutting back on the minimum required volume of renewable fuels produced in 2018 and putting the brakes on the minimum volume of biomass-based diesel produced in the United States in 2019.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
July 20, 2017
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Bestpass, PrePass Agree to Use Single Transponder

Help Inc.

Users of Bestpass transponders to pay tolls are now able to use the same transponder to participate in Help Inc.’s Prepass truck weigh station bypass service.

Transport Topics
May 18, 2017
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PrePass Provider Launches Inspection Data Analytics Tool

Help Inc.

Help Inc., provider of the PrePass weigh-station bypass service, has launched InfoRM, a business intelligence tool designed to help fleets better understand their safety data and improve bypass rates.

Transport Topics
April 28, 2017
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PrePass Expands Further Into Texas

PrePass transponders now can pay tolls at facilities run by the Texas Department of Transportation, North Texas Tollway Authority and the Harrison County Toll Road Authority, Help Inc. announced.

Transport Topics
March 21, 2017

Groups Ask EPA to Maintain Funding for Diesel Emissions Reduction Grants

Several transportation organizations have asked Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt to continue Diesel Emissions Reduction Act funding in EPA’s fiscal 2018 budget.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
March 13, 2017