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Perspective: Leveraging the Power of Hybrid Work

Remote work can open trucking and logistics companies up to talent from new markets and people.

Rob Duda | Senior Vice President for Automotive & Transportation Strategy, Peppercomm
April 11, 2022
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Driver Productivity Can Be Boosted by Addressing Health, Stress

Person getting blood pressure checked High blood pressure is one example of a medical condition that could keep a trucker from getting a full two-year certification from the U.S. Department of Transportation. (Getty Images)

When drivers and employees at PetroChoice Holdings want to take a sick day, or just take time off for any reason, all they have to do is inform their boss they will be taking “PTO,” or paid time off.

Jim Stinson | Staff Reporter
July 8, 2019
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Nussbaum Transportation Begins Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Nussbaum Transportation TT file photo

Brent Nussbaum, CEO of Nussbaum Transportation, gave 35% of ownership to employees through an employee stock ownership plan, known as an ESOP.

Dan Ronan | Associate News Editor
April 18, 2018
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Opinion: Independent Contractors Under Fire

Transportation companies with independent contractor relationships should brace themselves for potential misclassification challenges from multiple fronts. Given the budget crises facing many states and the federal government, the interests of legislators, government agencies and unions have aligned, resulting in a coordinated effort to discourage the use of independent contractors — or to reclassify them as employees.

September 3, 2012
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Opinion: The Bathwater, Not the Baby

Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!” We have all heard this saying at some point in our lives. I was reminded of it recently, when I was researching the 2012 year-end W2 and 1099 reporting requirements.

January 2, 2012

Truck Engine Manufacturer Cummins to Add Employees as Industry Ramps Up

Cummins Inc., manufacturer of heavy-duty truck engines, said it is adding 600 white-collar workers at its Columbus, Ind., headquarters, joining the wave of truck-industry

June 20, 2011
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Senate Bill Targets Employee Misclassification

A Senate bill that supporters said would make it easier for federal regulators to catch employers who misclassify their employees as independent contractors also would help ensure a “level playing field in the marketplace,” a top official with the Department of Labor told a Senate panel.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
June 22, 2010