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Editorial: Let’s Be Careful Out There

A character on the 1980s television police drama “Hill Street Blues” had a great catchphrase: “Let’s Be Careful Out There.” They’re also words that ring true today for those who make their living traveling the highways.

Transport Topics
October 18, 2018
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Like Motor Carriers, Truck Insurers Await Changes to Federal CSA Program

Officers perform a roadside inspection Officers perform a roadside inspection. There's more data than ever on carriers' operations, insurance experts say. (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

With potentially big changes coming to the federal Compliance, Safety, Accountability program, insurance companies are hoping for a better way to identify unsafe motor carriers in an environment where insurers may be paying out much higher claims under the current system while some carriers are battling skyrocketing premiums.

Fran Matso Lysiak | Equipment Editor
October 17, 2018
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Replay: LiveOnWeb's 'Managing Risk in Trucking'

LiveOnWeb panelists From left: Joe Howard, Joe DeLorenzo, Lisa Gonnerman, Eric Miller

What techniques are fleets using to pursue lower insurance costs as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revamps its Compliance, Safety, Accountability scoring system? Our Oct. 17 LiveOnWeb program, "Managing Risk in Trucking," explores this topic. Watch the replay.

Transport Topics
October 10, 2018
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FMCSA Making Progress as It Evaluates Possible CSA Changes, but Concerns Linger

FMCSA's Joe DeLorenzo, left, and Ray Martinez FMCSA's Joe DeLorenzo, left, and Ray Martinez (Eric Miller/Transport Topics)

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officials held their first public meeting Aug. 30 to drill down on portions of their action plan to evaluate possible sweeping future changes to the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program’s Safety Measurement System used to identify motor carriers at high risk for future crashes.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
August 29, 2018
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FMCSA Issues Clarification Notice on Nonpreventable Crash Reviews

Citing confusion among some motor carriers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a clarification notice to provide further details on how truckers should request a data review of certain nonpreventable crashes that are eligible for the agency’s demonstration program.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
February 7, 2018
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‘Item Response Theory’ Model Has Potential to Reduce Crashes, FMCSA Says

FMCSA's Joe DeLorenzo DeLorenzo by Joseph Terry/Transport Topics

ORLANDO, Fla. — A new complex statistical model that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is exploring would utilize data to measure a motor carrier’s “safety culture,” rather than attempt to predict its likelihood of a crash, a top agency official said.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
October 22, 2017
Government, Safety

FMCSA Outlines Plans for Public Meeting on CSA Study

In preparation for a Sept. 8 public meeting, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration officials said they have outlined a number of “high-level proposals” to address a slate of recommendations made in a National Academy of Sciences study of the agency’s controversial Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
August 25, 2017

Editorial: Scaling the Mountain of Safety

The desire for safety is obvious and broadly shared — it’s intuitive.

July 27, 2017
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Government Watchdog Criticizes FMCSA’s Information Technology Systems

GAO headquarters kafka4prez/Flickr

A government watchdog has issued a searing review of some of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s most critical information technology systems used to monitor the safety of motor carriers.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
July 24, 2017
Government, Safety

FMCSA to Hold Public Meeting on CSA Corrective Plan

FMCSA's Daphne Jefferson House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

WASHINGTON — A meeting to gather public input on ways to improve a safety performance scoring program for carriers will be scheduled this year, the top trucking regulator told House lawmakers on July 18.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
July 18, 2017