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Research Cites ‘Driver-Related Factors’ With Third of Truckers in Fatal Crashes

Roughly one-third of the 3,446 truck drivers involved in fatal accidents in 2010 were cited in police accident reports for such contributing “driver-related factors” as speeding, fatigue and inattention, a senior federal transportation researcher said.

July 2, 2012
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ATA Asks FMCSA to Release Agency’s Crash-Fault Study

American Trucking Associations last week called on the industry’s chief federal regulator to release the results of a study that the group said could buttress the case for using police reports to determine who is at fault in truck-related crashes.

June 11, 2012
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Industry Seeks Relief from FMCSA Policy in Crashes When Truckers Are Not at Fault

Royce Brooks, an experienced tank truck driver, was hauling gasoline to Lockhart, Texas, south of Austin, when a BMW driver blew through a stop sign and a flashing red light.

May 14, 2012
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ATA, OOIDA Call on NHTSA to Examine Truck Crashworthiness Standards

American Trucking Associations and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association have together written to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration asking the agency to begin researching how standards for crashworthiness for heavy trucks could benefit professional truck drivers.

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June 9, 2011