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Trucking-Related Companies Find It Difficult to Identify 'Conflict Minerals' in Supply Chains

tin ore Tin ore from Democratic Republic of Congo. (Michael J. Kavanagh/Bloomberg)

It has been more than six years since America’s public companies began searching for African “conflict minerals” throughout their supply chains, and it remains difficult for trucking-related companies to know if some of their products are being made using tantalum, tin, tungsten or gold, or “3TG,” mined and refined in Congo and nine of its neighbor countries.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
June 4, 2020
Government, Business, Technology, Equipment

Companies Continue to Search Supply Chains for Conflict Minerals

Conflict Minerals Tin ore from a rebel-held mine (left) and a non-conflict mine. (ENOUGH Project/Flickr)

For the past five years, public firms across the United States have been searching out their supply chains for “conflict minerals” used to fund armed conflicts in Central Africa.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
August 1, 2018

Companies Report ‘Conflict Minerals’ Progress

Several publicly traded truck makers and industry suppliers have told federal regulators they are making progress uncovering “conflict minerals” from central Africa that might be used in their complex supply chains.

Eric Miller | Senior Reporter
June 13, 2016

Truck Manufacturers, Suppliers Face Hurdles in Supply Chain Search for Conflict Minerals

Truck manufacturers and component suppliers said they are continuing to experience challenges as they search for “conflict minerals” in their supply chains.

June 15, 2015

OEMs, Suppliers File SEC Audits; Say Conflict Minerals Hard to Trace

Publicly traded truck makers and industry suppliers told federal regulators they have not determined whether their suppliers use African “conflict minerals” in the manufacture of products.

June 23, 2014