Overtime Rule Could Affect Operations, ATA Says

The Obama administration’s new rule to guarantee that several million workers be eligible for overtime pay could affect dispatchers and operations personnel at trucking companies, industry officials said.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
May 23, 2016
Perspective, Business

Opinion: How to Safely Use Debt to Grow Your Business

Expectations this year are for the U.S. economy to grow moderately, fuel prices to stay at historic lows and truck capacity to remain tight for a healthy rate environment. However, growing faster than the competition will require more than opportunities.

May 9, 2016
Government, Business

Delaware Bridge Repair Plan Underscores US Road Needs

Doug Litvin/Pennsville Historical Society

The transportation industry and policymakers see eye to eye on the need to boost funding for infrastructure, but often they disagree on the source of such funding. Starting May 16, transportation officials and experts will participate in panels and workshops to draw attention to the issue during Infrastructure Week.

Eugene Mulero | Senior Reporter
May 9, 2016
Special Coverage, Business

Mid-America Trucking Show Enters a New Era

John Sommers II for Transport Topics

A very different Mid-America Trucking Show runs this week, one that will not feature displays by any heavy-duty truck or engine manufacturers.

March 31, 2016
Technology, Government, Business, Safety, Autonomous

E-Logs Improve Business Processes, Fleets Say, as Industry Preps for Mandate

Funk, Tarantini, Andresen by Seth Clevenger/TT

DALLAS — Electronic driver logs can streamline fleets’ business processes and improve hours-of-service compliance, but driver outreach is key for a successful rollout, trucking executives said.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
March 28, 2016

February Tonnage Sets Record

Truck tonnage jumped 8.6% in February, posting an all-time record that was helped by freight that moved later due to January storms, American Trucking Associations reported last week.

Rip Watson | Special to Transport Topics
March 28, 2016
Business, Technology

Daimler's Autonomous Platoon Debuts on Germany's Autobahn

Daimler AG

DÜSSELDORF, Germany — Daimler Trucks demonstrated what it called the next milestone in autonomous driving by running a three-truck platoon on a public stretch of the autobahn.

Neil Abt | Editorial Director
March 28, 2016

Analysis: Trucks Make Everyone Smarter in Bernhard’s Connected Vision

DÜSSELDORF, Germany — Wolfgang Bernhard, the head of Daimler AG’s global truck and bus unit, said the connected truck — beyond being a benefit to the entire supply chain — offers technology that leads to a “happy driver.”

Neil Abt | Editorial Director
March 28, 2016
Technology, Business, Autonomous

Cybersecurity Outlook: Trucking Still Fighting the Ever-Nimble Hacker

Trucking companies still on high alert from seemingly endless reports of hacker break-ins last year should brace for even more sophisticated capers in 2016, according to a string of reports released by top cybersecurity firms.

March 25, 2016
Technology, Business, Government, Fuel, Equipment, Safety

Adoption of Trailer Aerodynamics Continues to Grow, Report Finds

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co.

Fleets have ramped up their investments in trailer aerodynamics systems in recent years to improve fuel economy, and federal regulations are expected to drive further adoption, a new report found.

Seth Clevenger | Managing Editor, Features
March 18, 2016