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Opinion: Including Auctions in the Asset Management Plan

Owners of fleets or dealers with large inventories of tractors and trailers must have a disciplined approach to turning those assets into cash at the end of their depreciation schedule or inventory life. These assets represent some of the largest investments these parties make, and the equipment depreciates every day. The goal is to maximize return on investment and divest when the time is right.

Steve Oliver | National Director of Sales, Taylor and Martin Auctioneers
November 7, 2018
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Auctions Move Variety of Truck Types; More Buying Activity Shifting Online

Taylor & Martin

The used equipment sold at modern truck auctions includes much more than older models on their final legs. Today’s auctions move a wide range of equipment ages and types for a diverse set of buyers and sellers.

Evan Lockridge | Special to Transport Topics
May 22, 2017
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IronPlanet Raises $55 Million in Funding

Online truck auction company IronPlanet said it closed a $55 million senior secured credit facility that was used to pay off a loan and provide growth funding.

Transport Topics
September 21, 2015
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Truck Auctions Drawing More Buyer Interest as Used Vehicle Prices Rise, Supply Declines

Auctions are getting another look from truck buyers as good used equipment becomes scarce and prices are rising, according to dealers and industry watchers.

January 10, 2011