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Discs or Drums?

Bendix collision mitigation Bendix offers collision mitigation braking. (Bendix)

Not all fleets are convinced of the benefits of air disc brakes. But suppliers maintain there is a growing acceptance of them for heavy-duty trucks, driven by an increase in the deployment of active safety technology, such as collision mitigation and avoidance systems.

Steve Sturgess | Contributing Writer
May 11, 2018
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Stemco Acquires Commercial Vehicle Components Co.

Stemco's Lunar (left) and Lunar HP models Stemco's Lunar (left) and Lunar HP models via YouTube

Stemco announced the purchase of Commercial Vehicle Components Co., a manufacturer of air disc brake and medium-duty hydraulic disc brake pads.

Transport Topics
November 6, 2017
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Air Disc Brakes for Trailers Slowly Gaining Momentum in Market

Wabco Maxx22T air disc brake Wabco Maxx22T air disc brake by Joseph Terry/Transport Topics

Adoption of air disc brakes for trailers is slowly trending upward as some fleets look beyond the tractor to improve stopping power and enhance safety, industry experts said.

Steve Sturgess | Contributing Writer
October 30, 2017