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Why and How the UK Is Experiencing a Fuel Crisis

LONDON — Long lines are snaking down streets across the U.K. as drivers struggle to fill up their cars, causing widespread traffic misery and worries over whether emergency services can do their work.

Pan Pylas | Associated Press
September 28, 2021
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Jaguar to Go All-Electric by 2025

LONDON — Struggling luxury car brand Jaguar will be fully electric by 2025, the British company said Feb. 15 as it outlined a plan to phase out internal combustion engines.

Pan Pylas | Associated Press
February 16, 2021
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Hundreds of Truck Drivers Stranded in Britain Due to Coronavirus Restrictions

Hundreds of stranded truck drivers hoped to get the green light to leave Britain on Dec. 22 as the country found itself increasingly isolated and its trade bottled up, cut off by neighbors afraid of a new strain of the coronavirus circulating in England.

Pan Pylas | Associated Press
December 22, 2020
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Coronavirus Outbreak Keeps Global Markets in Check

LONDON — Share prices around the world, particularly in Japan, took a hit Feb. 25 amid mounting fears about the economic impact of the new coronavirus outbreak.

Pan Pylas | Associated Press
February 25, 2020