Andrea Fischer

ULSD to Boost Trucking’s Costs

Ultra-low-sulfur diesel’s lower energy content will force truckers to buy more fuel to run the same number of miles, driving fuel expenses up — a cost they can’t recoup through surcharges, trucking executives and engine manufacturers said.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
July 24, 2006

New Group to Test ULSD for Retailers

Petroleum-industry representatives have set up a consortium to test ultra-low-sulfur diesel that they said would give fuel retailers a potential defense if they are found to be selling ULSD that is over the government’s sulfur limit.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
July 17, 2006

‘Boutique’ Fuels Not to Blame For Price Spikes, Panel Says

Special “boutique” fuel blends produced to meet local air-quality requirements did not contribute to the recent supply shortages and dramatic nationwide run-up of fuel prices, according to a task force of federal and state officials.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
July 5, 2006

Calif. Panel OKs Measure Giving Air Districts Regulatory Powers

A measure to reduce diesel emissions in California by authorizing local air districts to regulate emission sources won approval in the state’s Senate Transportation Committee last week.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
June 26, 2006

New Emission-Test Program Nearly Ready, EMA Says

The Engine Manufacturers Association said a new emissions-testing program for heavy-duty diesel vehicles is nearing completion and will become mandatory for all engine manufacturers next year.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
June 26, 2006

Fuel Suppliers to Monitor Sulfur Content

With the deadline for beginning retail sale of ultra-low-sulfur diesel four months away, fuel transporters and retailers said they would closely monitor their distribution systems for sulfur contamination as refiners begin to produce and distribute more of the new fuel.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
June 12, 2006

Some Refiners Delay Production as June ULSD Deadline Arrives

The Environmental Protection Agency’s deadline for U.S. fuel refiners to begin making ultra-low-sulfur diesel was June 1, but not all refiners said they would make the fuel immediately.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
June 5, 2006

ATA Says ULSD to Cost 5 Cents Per-Gallon More

American Trucking Associations said it estimated that the June 1 transition to ultra-low-sulfur diesel would increase the cost of trucking’s main fuel by at least 5 cents a gallon, while lowering the energy output of diesel by 1%.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
May 1, 2006

ATA, CTA Oppose California Bill Requiring Sale of Biodiesel

American Trucking Associations said it opposed a bill before the California legislature that would require all diesel fuel sold in the state to contain at least 2% biodiesel by 2008 and at least 5% biodiesel by 2010.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
April 24, 2006

Carriers Must Separate Diesel by Sulfur Content, EPA Says

Beginning June 1, trucking companies that use in-house central refueling facilities will be required to label their diesel pumps as either ultra-low-sulfur diesel or low-sulfur diesel, said the Environmental Protection Agency.

Andrea Fischer | Staff Reporter
April 17, 2006