BYD Battery-Electric Trucks | Safe & Built to Last

BYD trucks are hard at work across America moving freight at ports and railyards, making deliveries, and collecting refuse. Our trucks have fewer moving parts, and they are more reliable, environmentally friendly, and cost efficient than traditional trucks – which means operational savings payback in only a few years.

These hard-working trucks are powered by industry-leading batteries that are the result of over 25 years of research, development and manufacturing experience. BYD batteries lead the industry in safety, performance and reliability.

BYD’s battery research and development is focused on Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) due to its superior properties in safety, longevity and reliability. Originally designed for utility-scale energy systems, this extremely stable and reliable battery chemistry is capable of cycling thousands of times with minimal degradation, making it ideal for medium and heavy-duty electric truck applications.

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Safety is at the heart of BYD battery research and development. The LFP compound consists of a chemical structure that is intrinsically stable. The chemical bonds of the phosphate in the LFP battery are significantly stronger than compounds used in other battery chemistries, leading to a highly stable chemical structure even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

LFP batteries are currently the safest type of lithium-ion chemistry in the world, and can remain stable even when ambient temperatures reach 1,400° Fahrenheit without combustion or explosion. This provides a superior level of safety when compared to the stability, flammability and explosivity characteristics of other battery chemistries and combustible fuels currently used in transportation.

BYD batteries pass a rigorous safety testing program which consists of short-circuit, crush, puncture, impact, water submersion, vibration, open flame and more.

In longevity and reliability testing, LFP batteries far exceed the cycling capabilities of other chemistries. LFP batteries possess excellent cycling stability with high kWh capacity retention throughout the entire lifecycle. In lab tests, even after 8,000 cycles at 25°C and 1C/1C cycle rate, the LFP battery maintains 81% of the battery’s initial kWh capacity. This test demonstrates that LFP batteries perform reliably and consistently over a very long-life cycle.

LFP batteries have proven to be the safest, longest lasting and highest reliability battery systems available today. As the United States continues its transition to zero-emission transportation, demand for safe and reliable zero-emission energy systems will continue to grow. In addition to medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, BYD provides its Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for a wide range of applications including forklifts, buses, cars, and motor coaches.


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