December 2, 2015 2:00 PM, EST

Volvo Promises ‘Epic’ Truck Test Video

Volvo Trucks announced that it will debut a new video in its Live Test series Dec. 3 that should be on par with its “Epic Split” YouTube video that has been viewed 81 million times.

The company says the video will feature the Volvo FMX that will undergo “one of the toughest tests ever.”

Teasers for the video feature shots of a little girl staring down the truck and YouTube commenters who are quick to guess that she will be driving the truck.

“My money on she will drive it!” one video commenter said.

“She reminds me of my niece. I don't think even Volvo could build a truck to cope with her,” said another.

Other entries in its Live Test series include “The Hamster Stunt,” when a hamster controlled a truck’s steering wheel, and “The Hook,” which features the president of Volvo Trucks standing on a truck dangling from a crane.

“We have launched a number of new functions for the Volvo FMX during the last year that help make the truck unbeatable with regard to strength and traction. To open people's eyes as to how much the truck can actually take, we've exposed it to the toughest test we could think of,” Ingela Nordenhav, global marketing and communications director for Volvo Trucks, said in a statement.

Teaser Live Test Video