Developer Uptake Launches Tire Air Pressure Management Tool

Fuel Efficiency Improvement of 5% Seen for Carriers, Leaks Caught Weeks Earlier than Usual
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(Uptake via YouTube)

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Analytics specialist Uptake is set to launch a product suite intended to aid carriers’ tire management and improve fuel efficiency.

Chicago-based Uptake said June 11 the software is in the final phase of pilot testing and would be available commercially by the end of June.

Work on the product began in late 2023, a company representative said, adding that the final phases of testing included a pilot at a large North American food and beverage distributor.

Uptake said the software package involves:

  • Tire Leak Insights, which the company argues enables early detection of air pressure loss, allowing fleets to address potential issues before they escalate. It monitors pressure changes and alerts drivers and maintenance teams.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System Insight, which detects sensor anomalies that could lead to inaccurate pressure readings, ensuring the reliability of pressure monitoring and allows for timely interventions, maintaining tire integrity.

The developer said the product suite could help fleets improve fuel efficiency by 5%, avoid costly downtime, increase operational efficiency and reduce unsafe driving days by over 90%.

American Transportation Research Institute analysis shows tires account for over 50% of truckers’ roadside breakdowns.

“We have proven Tire Insights are actionable and substantially reduce the risk of tire failures and their associated costs,” Uptake Senior Director of Data Science Brian Silva said. “We regularly catch tire leaks the same day they start instead of two to three weeks later, when they are typically discovered.”

Uptake products use analytics to detect tire-related issues, such as leaks, sensor malfunctions and pressure decreases. The products leverage asset and axle tire pressure baselines, working together to identify and address pain points before they escalate into severe safety concerns, it said, adding this can keep drivers safe and lower operational costs, and, as a result, boost haulers’ bottom lines.

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Tire inflation monitoring for trucks and trailers is a growing area of focus for fleets.

ABF Freight, for instance, is ramping up use of Drov Technologies’ AirBoxOne platform after a pilot demonstrated the package with its trailers, including the inflation and deflation tire-management system.

Trailer manufacturer Engineered Transportation International said tank trailer fleet owners can extend tire life by more than 50% through the automated tire inflation/deflation technology.

ABF Freight is the less-than-truckload unit of ArcBest Inc. ArcBest ranks No. 12 on the Transport Topics Top 100 list of the largest for-hire companies in North America. ABF Freight ranks No. 7 among the largest LTL carriers.