March 21, 2018 9:00 AM, EDT

Uber Freight Introduces Discount Program for Fuel, Parts, Trucks

Uber Freight discount cardUber Freight

Uber Freight has introduced a discount program that provides savings on fuel, parts and even new and used truck purchases to carriers using its load-matching mobile app.

Offers available through the Uber Freight Plus program include a fuel card provided through a partnership with Comdata and a truck-maintenance program offered in cooperation with truck manufacturer Navistar Inc.

The Uber Freight app, launched last year, is designed to help carriers become more profitable by matching truck drivers with available loads while simplifying the booking process and expediting payment.

With Uber Freight Plus, the company has turned its attention to the cost side of the trucking business as well.

Eric Berdinis, product manager for Uber Freight, described the discount program as part of the company’s mission to “level the playing field” for small carriers, who often don’t get the same deals on expenses such as fuel and maintenance that large fleets are able to negotiate because of their size.

“Uber Freight Plus is our way of equalizing that and bringing those large-fleet discounts to the owner-operators and small fleets of the world,” he said.

Most of the program’s offers are available to carriers that haul at least one load via the mobile app every 30 days.

Uber Freight app

Uber Freight

That includes the Uber Freight branded fuel card backed by Comdata.

“Loaded onto that fuel card are some specially negotiated, Uber Freight specific discounts,” said Julia Zaga, senior business development associate at Uber Freight.

With this card, available as a credit or debit card, carriers can receive 20 cents off the retail price per gallon at all TravelCenters of America and Petro fueling locations nationwide, and an average of 15 cents per gallon off at certain locations in the Roady’s network of independently owned truck stops.

The card provides other discounts as well, including savings of up to 30% on Goodyear tires.

Uber Freight Plus also offers a separate maintenance program through its partnership with Navistar. That program offers 20-30% off the cost of parts and is not limited to International models.

In addition, carriers can receive discounts on their monthly phone plans and accessories through Sprint.

The partnership with Navistar also extends to new and used truck purchases.

Carriers that haul a total of 10 loads booked via Uber Freight will become eligible for up to $16,000 off new International truck purchases, depending on the vehicle specifications, or a rebate of up to $4,000 on the purchase of a used International truck.

Uber Freight is a part of ride-hailing pioneer Uber Technologies Inc., which also is developing self-driving technology for cars and trucks.