July 15, 2019 10:30 AM, EDT

Purkeys Introduces Charger for Accessory Batteries

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Purkeys introduced its SteadyCharge accessory battery charger that maintains batteries powering trailer refrigeration and heating units during periods of inactivity.

Inactive batteries naturally discharge over time and can drain a temperature-controlled vehicle’s accessory battery during seasonal periods when its dependent engine is not in service.

Additionally, the parasitic current draw from built-in telematics technology in many heating and cooling units can completely drain their starter battery within just a few days of sitting idle, and the downtime and service cost of jumping or replacing dead batteries can add up fast, according to the Lowell, Ark.-based company.

“Many large fleets spend millions of dollars on battery maintenance and replacement annually, and that’s not including asset downtime,” said Jimmy Fielding, the Northeast account representative for Purkeys. “Not only will the SteadyCharge significantly reduce battery maintenance and repair costs, it will keep vehicles and drivers on the road by extending the life span of existing batteries by up to 500%.”

The 10-pound SteadyCharge is engineered to meet SAE J1455 testing criteria and is IP66 rated for exterior mounting on the trailer body. It comes with a three-year warranty. — Transport Topics