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September 12, 2021 7:00 PM, EDT

Peterson Announces Corrosion-Resistant Harness System

Peterson's Al Anderson“By reducing corrosion, you reduce maintenance costs,” Peterson Manufacturing's Al Anderson says. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

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CLEVELAND — Peterson Manufacturing on Sept. 12 unveiled PetersonPATRIOT, a corrosion-resistant modular harness system.

The company, which specializes in vehicle safety lighting and harness systems for trucks and trailers, made the announcement during a press conference at American Trucking Associations’ 2021 Technology & Maintenance Council Fall Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition.

Corrosion, which refers to the deterioration of a metal due to a chemical reaction with its environment, is one of the main reasons fleets replace harness and lighting systems. Damage, such as from hitting a loading dock or being struck by an airborne rock, also can negatively impact lights.

Issues pertaining to lights are a common violation among heavy trucks. Al Anderson, vice president of sales and marketing at Peterson Manufacturing, noted lighting issues are easy for inspectors to identify.

PetersonPATRIOT modular harness system

A closeup of the PetersonPATRIOT modular harness system. (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

PetersonPATRIOT, which features a modular layout, was designed to provide a strong defense against moisture intrusion and corrosion. The design also is meant to help fleets quickly troubleshoot and replace a damaged cable without upending the entire system.

“By reducing corrosion, you reduce maintenance costs,” Anderson said. “The system is also modular, so if one section of the harness is damaged, you can easily swap it out quickly and efficiently.”

The company suggested the system as a solution for fleets that turn their trailers over every five to seven years or have limited add-on electrical accessories.

The device connects all of the lighting components to a small central hub. PetersonPATRIOT uses a circuit board as the junction box; its small size offers fleets flexibility when choosing a mounting location. The amp-style connectors are color-coded by function, which Anderson said makes for “mistake-proof” installation.

Currently available on the market, PetersonPATRIOT has a five-year warranty against defects and corrosion. Anderson noted the device’s name is reflective of the fact that the company’s products are made in the U.S.

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