September 26, 2016 2:00 PM, EDT

Ontario Will Reissue Moratoriums on Axle Weight Penalties

Ontario, Canada’s most populous province announced on Sept. 24 that it will reissue moratoriums on axle weight penalties and only enforce gross vehicle weight violations while a final agreement on those in the excavation/aggregate hauling sector is being negotiated.

Every Canadian province restricts different truck configurations to a certain gross vehicle weight limit and also requires the weight to be distributed in a specific manner across the vehicle configuration to mitigate the impact on road infrastructure.

“The Ontario Trucking Association wants the province to implement an enforcement system that will hold all members in the supply chain accountable for the overloading of vehicles, including those loading the vehicles and those owning and operating them,” said Stephen Laskowski, president of the Ontario Trucking Association.

OTA claimed that Ontario has the most productive and safety-focused truck configuration laws in North America.

“The Province of Ontario must move quickly to ensure that all trucking companies and businesses that own or control the movement of dirt and gravel will have the capability to comply with Ontario weight laws,” Laskowski said. “Most carriers are compliant members of the business community and most shippers are committed to following the rules."