Replay: LiveOnWeb on 'The ELD Landscape Ahead'

Seth Clevenger, Joe DeLorenzo
Transport Topics

With the electronic logging device mandate set to take effect Dec. 18, the business landscape looks very different for those who will be compliant and those who are not. Our Aug. 23 LiveOnWeb program looked at the impact of the regulation from multiple angles that will have significant effects on fleets' bottom lines:

  • Freight Capacity. Many are projecting reduced capacity of about 3-5%. What will be the trickle-down effect from this?
  • AOBRDs: How are fleets that are operating with automatic on-board recording devices, which are grandfathered in for two years, affected?
  • Enforcement. How strict will state troopers be? Will we see noncompliant trucks pulled off the road in droves?
  • Shippers. What strategies will they enact to ensure their goods are delivered safely and on time?

Transport Topics Managing Editor/Features Seth Clevenger hosted this hourlong ELD update, with perspectives from a regulator, a fleet executive and a logistics expert:


DeLorenzo, Elliott, Poduch

  • Joe DeLorenzo, Director of the FMCSA Office of Enforcement and Compliance
  • Russ Elliott, Senior Vice President of Operations at Melton Truck Lines in Tulsa, Okla.
  • Tom Poduch, Director of Logistics Design at Transervice Logistics in Lake Success, N.Y.

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