Kansas DOT Updates Information Website Used by Truckers

Screenshot of KanDriv.org

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The Kansas Department of Transportation has updated KanDrive, its traveler information website that includes roadway and traffic condition details for truckers and passenger vehicle drivers.

KanDrive presents a map of Kansas and allows users to view route conditions, including incidents, lane closures, traffic speeds and upcoming restrictions due to construction work.

Announced Oct. 19, the updated KanDrive includes a commercial vehicle mode designed specifically for truck drivers. This setting presents information on weigh stations, rest areas and size restrictions. Rest area indicators are color coded (green, yellow or red) to indicate truck parking availability. When a user clicks on a rest area’s icon, an information window appears saying how many spaces are available.

According to KDOT, companies can create text and email alerts pertaining to heavily traveled routes, weigh stations and rest areas.

Designed to be user-friendly, the updated KanDrive allows people to create personalized accounts to save frequently traveled routes. Users also can sign up for alerts on specific highways and share individual event reports or road conditions through email and social media channels.

“The new KanDrive website is easier to use and includes more features that will help drivers as they travel Kansas highways,” said Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz. “Having access to the latest road condition information is important for travelers as it helps people get where they want to go and keeps the Kansas economy moving.”

KanDrive offers various “layers,” which users can select to view certain information. The cameras layer lets a user select a traffic camera and view video of traffic as it’s flowing on a specific portion of a route.

The electronic signs layer allows a person to view where electronic message board signs are located throughout the state. An illuminated electronic sign icon on the KanDrive map means that particular sign is displaying a message to drivers. For example, the sign posted along Interstate 70 near Salina read, “Buckle up every trip. Buckle up every time.” on Oct. 20. Spanning from Utah to Maryland, I-70 is a major east-west corridor that runs through Kansas City and Topeka.

Through KanDrive, users in Wichita and Kansas City will be able to directly access the transportation resources WICHway and KC Scout, respectively. WICHway’s network includes 89 closed-circuit cameras, 79 traffic sensors and 33 dynamic message signs. WICHway users will be able to switch back and forth between Wichita and statewide views. A two-state traffic management system, KC Scout manages traffic on more than 300 miles of freeways in the Kansas City metropolitan area.

The KanDrive update builds on the previous iteration of the resource, which displayed impacts to traffic, including construction activities, winter conditions, flooded roadways and crashes, and was updated 24/7.

“All these updated and new features will really help the public find specific information they need to make the best decisions as they travel in Kansas,” KDOT spokeswoman Kim Stich said. “People will be able to receive alerts specifically of interest to them and share them easily with others.”

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