November 11, 2010 11:30 AM, EST

IdleAIR Changes Name, Opens More Sites

IdleAir — TT File Photo

IdleAIR, which provides anti-idling equipment at truck stops, has changed its name from IdleAire and opened 16 U.S. locations since reorganizing under a third owner.

The renamed IdleAIR — it was formerly known as IdleAire Inc. and IdleAire Technologies Corp. — opened 16 sites in eight states in 2010. The company said that by the end of the year it plans to open nine more locations for a total of 25 sites in 12 states.

IdleAIR’s system consists of climate control, satellite television and an internet connection, which drivers access by securing the IdleAIR equipment at their cab windows.

IdleAIR, now owned by Convoy Solutions, Knoxville, Tenn., shut down in January after two bankruptcy filings.

Before its first bankruptcy filing, IdleAIR operated 134 electrified parking spaces at truck stops across the country. (Click here for previous story.)