February 15, 2017 9:40 AM, EST

Hours of Service Exemption Issued in New Hampshire Due to Extreme Cold

Samuel Tristán/Flickr

Trucks delivering heating fuels in New Hampshire have been declared exempt from hours of service rules by the state’s Department of Safety because of extremely cold weather that followed a series of major snowstorms. The exemption went into effect Feb. 13 and is effective until midnight Feb. 27.

The exemption covers deliveries to both homes and businesses. The Declaration of Emergency Notice reads in part, “It is deemed that a declaration of emergency is required to ensure the continuation of these essential services to both residential and commercial establishments within the State. … The relief also applies to motor carriers engaged in the transportation of such products from terminal locations to local propane and natural gas fuel delivery companies. ... Drivers who utilize this exemption may come back into compliance and restart the hours of service clock after taking 34 hours off-duty at the end of their extended hours period.”