Hirschbach Motor Lines to Use Driver Match from Stay Metrics

Hirschbach truck
Hirschbach Motor Lines

After the recent launch of its Driver Match application, Stay Metrics has announced that Hirschbach Motor Lines will be using the technology to assign drivers to driver managers.

Stay Metrics provides driver engagement, research and analytics products that allow motor carriers to retain more of their most sought-after drivers, according to a press release. In June, the company launched Driver Match through a partnership with Prime Inc. to pair drivers and trainers.

The online application has an assessment test that screens for 13 values to create what are called “value profile measurements,” which reliably predict the fit of an individual, in terms of job satisfaction and retention, with an organization, team, colleague or manager.

Hirschbach Motor Lines, No. 8 on the Transport Topics’ sector list of refrigerated carriers, operates a fleet of 1,000 tractors and 1,800 temperature-controlled trailers. The Dubuque, Iowa-based company plans to use the technology to assign drivers to driver managers in over-the-road, dedicated and specialized divisions.

Hirschbach Chairman Tom Grojean, Jr. said the program will be used for new hires. New driver hires will complete the assessment to determine the best fit for a driver manager assignment. Each driver manager has between 35 and 40 drivers assigned to his or her fleet.

“Driver-manager relationships are the primary and most important relationships in our business,” Grojean, Jr. said. “They impact everything from driver safety to customer service and retention.”

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