June 3, 2011 12:10 PM, EDT

Global Shipper Group to Incorporate

The first formal association of international shippers, including the National Industrial Transportation League, has formed under the banner of the Global Shippers Forum to raise the profile of freight groups in an increasingly global marketplace.

The U.S. trade association, whose members include Pepsico, Dow Chemical and other major corporations, said in its May 28 statement the group is evolving into an incorporated organization. The goal is to raise the profile of shippers around the world in discussions involving individual national governments as well as international organizations.

The GSF has been an informal alliance since 2006, when it was created as the successor to an earlier informal group known as the Tripartite Shippers Group. Its board includes representatives from organizations that represent American, Canadian, British and Asian shippers. The organization is being incorporated under British law, with Chris Welsh as its secretary general.

“Decisions made by carriers, governments and international and intergovernmental organizations on the environment, safety, security and the underlying competitive framework will have a direct impact on shippers’ balance sheets and income statements,” Bruce Carlton, president of NITL, said in a statement. He will serve on the group’s board.

Other founding members include the United Kingdom Freight Transport Association, the Asian Shippers’ Council and the Canadian Industrial Transportation Association.