FourKites Expands Real-Time Freight Visibility

FourKites is offering real-time visibility across its network, including freight it does not manage, according to a news release by the supply chain company.

Chicago-based FourKites said that with its new Network VisibilitySM product, shippers can see real-time location updates on their vendor-managed inbound and customer-pickup outbound freight, in addition to the managed freight they already track with FourKites.


Company officials said this gives businesses full visibility across supply chains, enabling them to enhance warehouse operations, reduce yard congestion, and improve carrier and driver productivity.

Vendor-managed shipments can account for up to 70% of a large company’s inbound freight, according to FourKites. Without real-time visibility, top-line savings can disappear if mismanagement occurs, the company said.

The FourKites software:

  • Handles payer and facility records across supply chains.
  • Masks sensitive information.
  • Automatically detects and draws potential connections with suppliers and receivers.
  • Makes it easy to share freight visibility in a controlled environment between select suppliers and receivers through a single discovery dashboard.

Launched in 2014, FourKites has built its network to include 260 of the world’s top shippers, among them 18 of the top 20 food and beverage companies. FourKites says it tracks more than 500,000 shipments every day.