Agility Develops Storage Systems for Hydrogen-Fuel Trucks

Hydrogen fuel
Hydrogen fuel by Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg

Agility Fuel Solutions announced the availability and ongoing development of large-capacity ProCab H hydrogen storage systems for commercial trucks. Separately, the company announced an app to assess various fuel types for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

The hydrogen storage systems are lightweight, compact, self-contained modules that mount behind the cab of Class 8 trucks. ProCab H systems include 350 bar composite cylinders with fuel capacities of 23.5, 28.2 or 33.9 kilograms of hydrogen and are based on Agility’s widely used ProCab compressed natural gas fuel system architecture, according to the Costa Mesa,Calif.-based company.


“Agility has made integrated hydrogen fuel storage systems for trucks and buses since 2002. We’ve recently seen increased interest in hydrogen technology, and we realized that high-quality manufactured on-board hydrogen storage would be key to making hydrogen trucks scalable in the marketplace,” Agility co-founder Jeff Scott said in a news release.

Agility also plans to introduce next-generation hydrogen storage systems based on large-diameter Type 4 composite cylinders with 700 bar service pressure being developed in partnership with Hexagon Composites. These higher-pressure, higher-capacity hydrogen storage systems will enable longer driving ranges and could be used in regional haul Class 8 trucking applications.

Agility also announced it has launched the Fuel Alternatives Selection Tool. The app allows fleet operators to evaluate the potential emissions impact and the cost savings of various potential clean-fuel options — based on fleet type, usage pattern and even state of operation.

The tool will be launched initially in a limited release and refined in collaboration with Agility’s customers and partners.