December 3, 2018 12:00 AM, EST

Aerodynamic Mudflaps Save Money

It’s proven that TrailerBlade side skirts reduce fuel consumption. But, even with the 7.15% improvement in fuel economy afforded by the TrailerBlade family of side skirts, that isn’t the end of the road for reductions in fuel consumption—or for greater savings.

That’s because, accompanying available side skirt options, TrailerBlade is also proud to offer the TrailerBlade Flap. Here’s how this unique product contributes to fuel savings and sustainability:

A New Kind of Mudflap

As you are likely aware, many states in the United States have laws mandating the use of mudflaps to protect vehicles, passengers and pedestrians from mud and other flying debris. While many will agree that these are sensible protections, for fleet managers, mudflap requirements have an undesirable side-effect. Because mudflaps block wind and thereby create aerodynamic drag, they bring about a reduction in fuel economy.

Adhering to regulations that create additional expenses is a source of irritation for many a fleet manager. However, TrailerBlade’s innovative mudflap, the TrailerBlade Flap, provides the best solution to increased fuel consumption as a result of these mandates.

How It Works

Traditional mudflaps are rectangular sheets that hang from the rear of a trailer, generally made of rubber. Their solid design catches the wind, creating additional drag (increasing fuel consumption) and increasing the risk of costly citations from flap sailing. In wet conditions, they can also pose a safety hazard by catching and spraying water.

The TrailerBlade Flap, on the other hand, employs an innovative vented design to allow wind and water alike to easily pass through. This has the effect of almost entirely eliminating the aerodynamic drag and spray associated with traditional mudflaps, while fully retaining their functionality in blocking mud and other debris.

With this design, the TrailerBlade Flap reduces fuel consumption and costs by 1%. And while this might not seem very significant, any fleet manager knows how quickly fuel costs can add up for a fleet with dozens of trailers on the road at a time. And when combined with one of TrailerBlade’s side skirt options, this brings total fuel economy improvements up to a substantial 8.15%.

Savvy fleet managers know the importance of optimizing each element of a trailer in achieving the best fuel economy, and the impact it has on their bottom line. TrailerBlade offers versions of their tough side skirts, TrailerBlade HD and TrailerBlade Fleet. Other products include TrailerBlade side skirts for Pups and Reefers, and the TrailerBlade Door.

To learn more about how TrailerBlade’s Flap and side skirt products can help your fleet, contact TrailerBlade.

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About TrailerBlade

Strehl’s leading brand, TrailerBlade, enhances your tractor trailer by providing a proven 7% savings in fuel economy. Plus, TrailerBlade provides durability and flexibility that last through any challenge a trailer may face on the road. With Strehl’s products on your fleet’s tractor trailers, your trucks look, drive, and perform better. Proven results guarantee an exceptional performance.

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