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Social Media

Every year social media becomes a larger driving force of traffic to Transport Topics articles. This year we wanted to highlight the states that gave us the most love on Facebook. The opportunities that come with social media are endless, sharing information with friends and family and colleagues, getting up-to-date news and simply being entertained. Transport Topics aims to enhance your knowledge and provide an opportunity to engage on a daily basis. 

Top 5 States for Facebook Reactions


Over the course of 2018 we tracked how many reactions, or likes, each Facebook post received. Facebook users from Texas came in at No. 1 with 1048 likes given to our posts. Florida is No. 2, Georgia is No. 3, Ohio is No. 4 and California is No. 5. 

Top Five States for Facebook Comments


With a late December surge, Tennessee rose to the top of our list for most comments on Facebook posts in 2018, clocking in with 331. Florida came in at No. 2 on the list, contributing 300 comments. Pennsylvania was on their heels with 299. In fourth was Texas with 270, and California was No. 5 with 219 comments.

Top 5 States for Facebook Shares


Facebook friends from Florida were the most active on Transport Topics' stories this year with 268 shares contributed. No. 2 was Georgia with 248 shares, followed by Texas at 220, Pennsylvania at 208 and Illinois at 192 shares. Hot-button topics such as ELDs and other regulatory issues often prompted users to share our articles. Be sure to like us on Facebook at

All data provided by Facebook Analytics

Top 10 Tweets of 2018

The instantaneous nature of Twitter provides one of the fastest ways for us to deliver our news to a mass audience. In 2018, overall tweet impressions were significantly higher than in previous years, and the number of followers that interacted with our tweets soared as well. Here is a look at this year's top tweets, based on your interactions.











A glance at that list gives you a good idea of the topics that Twitter users find most valuable — our proprietary rankings and persistent issues such as the driver shortage and hours of service. Watch for more tweets on the news makers and shakers of 2019! Follow us @TransportTopics.

All data provided by Twitter Analytics