That Winning Feeling

LONG BEACH, Calif. There have been moments when a driver is so shaken after a run that he is unable to remove his hands from the steering wheel. Like a patient being led through a painful procedure, he must be coaxed down from the truck.

"I have seen guys gripping the wheel with white knuckles. They are so scared you have to talk 'em out of it," said Thomas Hawk, a driver with Overnite Transportation.

Qualcomm Execs Depart

Two key executives from the OmniTracs division of Qualcomm Inc. are leaving the company.

John Sarto, president, will take the top spot at Teletrac Inc., a Kansas City, Mo., provider of vehicle locating and mobile communications services. Jack Schang, OmniTracs vice president and general manager, customer service, will retire.