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FHWA Monitoring States' Progress on Modernizing Roadway Inventory Data

Panelists at TRB session

WASHINGTON — Back in 2016, the Federal Highway Administration gave states a 10-year window to modernize their data collection systems to help better pinpoint hot spots for accidents and congestion on their roads. Nearly two years into the project, it appears that the decadelong grace period was a good idea.

Eric Miller | Staff Reporter
January 16, 2018
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Oak Hill Capital Agrees To Buy Safe Fleet Holdings

Ownership of Safe Fleet Holdings has changed hands, with Oak Hill Capital Partners agreeing to buy the business from The Sterling Group.

Transport Topics
January 16, 2018
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Regulators to Seek More Input for Autonomous Vehicle Rule Revisions

Ford partnered with Domino’s in 2017 for autonomous pizza delivery trials. (Photo by Ford Motor Co.)

U.S. transportation regulators plan to take another step toward rewriting federal rules hampering the development and adoption of autonomous technologies — from cars and trucks to buses and trains.

Ryan Beene | Bloomberg News
January 16, 2018
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Capitol Agenda for the Week of Jan. 16: LiveOnWeb’s 2018 Government Outlook

Transport Topics' Eugene Mulero (left), ATA's Bill Sullivan Transport Topics' Mulero with American Trucking Associations' Sullivan. (LiveOnWeb via YouTube)

Approval of a provision that would clarify meal-and-rest break rules for truckers will be delayed if Congress clears for President Donald Trump this week a short-term funding measure. Here's a look at the week ahead for trucking on Capitol Hill.

Eugene Mulero | Staff Reporter
January 16, 2018
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Gov. Dannel Malloy Postpones Connecticut Transportation Projects

I-84 in Connecticut Doug Kerr/Flickr

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy recently announced that $4.3 billion in transportation projects have been placed on hold until the General Assembly devotes more money to the State Transportation Fund.

Eleanor Lamb | Staff Reporter
January 16, 2018
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Storm Disrupts FedEx Hub, Causes Some Flight Cancellations at Memphis Airport

Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg News

FedEx said a winter storm caused substantial disruptions to FedEx Express flights and sorting at Memphis and Indianapolis hubs Jan. 12.

Wayne Risher | The Commercial Appeal (Memphis, Tenn.)
January 12, 2018
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California Mudslides Send Truckers Searching for Detours

A semi-tractor trailer sits stuck in mud on U.S. Highway 101, in Montecito, Calif. on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. (Mike Eliason/Santa Barbara County Fire Department via AP)

Truckers hauling goods and materials south through California’s San Luis Obispo County are facing longer drives and indefinite delays after deadly mudslides closed Highway 101 in Santa Barbara County.

Lindsey Holden | The Tribune (San Luis Obispo, Calif.)
January 12, 2018
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GM Drops the Steering Wheel and Gives Robot Driver Control

General Motors Co.

Next year, General Motors Co. will no longer need an engineer in the front seat babysitting the robot brain that controls its self-driving Chevrolet Bolt. The steering wheel and pedals will be gone, giving total control to the machine.

David Welch and Ryan Beene | Bloomberg News
January 12, 2018
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TRB Picks New Leaders, Honors Others for Service, Achievements

WASHINGTON — Each year, the annual meeting of Transportation Research Board brings together industry stakeholders from around the world to feast on a smörgåsbord of facts and figures, ideas, analysis and exhibits that push the frontier of geekiness.

Daniel P. Bearth | Staff Writer
January 11, 2018
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TRB Researchers Look at Safety, Relationship Between Pay and Driver Fatigue

Truck driver in his cab Thinkstock

WASHINGTON — The wages earned by truck drivers are too low, forcing them to work long hours, according to a report presented to trucking industry researchers at the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board here.

Daniel P. Bearth | Transport Topics Senior Features Writer
January 11, 2018