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Ongoing Fuel Price Increases

Retail diesel prices in the United States hit their highest mark since December, as increasing crude oil costs work deeper into the fuel supply.

June 8, 2009
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Freight Falls as Sales Rise

Freight levels continue to dive, even as there are increasing signs that the recession’s bottom has been touched and most economists are predicting that U.S. economic growth will resume in the year’s last quarter.

June 1, 2009
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The Price of Safety

Some 10,000 enforcement officers plan to mix a little fiscal accountability with their safety inspections during next week’s Roadcheck campaign, and we hope that is not a bad idea.

May 25, 2009
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The Half-Full Glass

Ever so slowly, less-bad economic news — and even some good news — is beginning to pop up among the seemingly never-ending crop of troubling news that you have been seeing in this newspaper every week for about a year.

May 18, 2009
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Fuel’s Crystal Ball

If you have any doubts about the future direction of fuel prices, pay attention to what’s happening today.

May 11, 2009
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Port Plan Progress

The most onerous and misguided portions of the plan by the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to reshape the trucking industry there have been enjoined by a federal court, at least for now.

May 4, 2009
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Ending Accounting Gimmicks

Legislation introduced by two prominent members of the Senate Finance Committee could go a long way toward taking the air out of some politicians’ stampede to raise short-term revenue by leasing out or selling public highways and other public assets.

April 27, 2009
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Raising the Bar on Service

A few more customers may be peeking into the showroom, but buying volume continues to limp along near 25-year lows, according to the latest report on Class 8 truck sales.

April 20, 2009
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The Growing Mexican Morass

The fiasco over the Mexican border situation just keeps growing, as interested parties turn to their lawyers for relief and others try to turn up the political heat to get things moving.

April 13, 2009
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Reopening the Border

We’re pleased to see that President Obama’s administration is at work crafting a plan to reopen the United States to trucks from Mexico, as agreed to years ago when the North American Free Trade Agreement was ratified.

April 6, 2009