Cargo Strategies LLC
SS Pallet Hook: * Safe and simple to use * Helps keep freight from tipping, shifting or falling * Saves on freight claims, wc claims, hours restacking & more * Great value! Call 608-963-8330 or email - Visit us at

Counteract Balancing Beads
ALWAYS WORKING, ALWAYS BALANCED - Counteract. The only tire and complete wheel assembly balancing technology proven to improve fuel economy in an SAE and TMC Type II fuel test. Contact us for a free, no-risk evaluation for your fleet. 800-572-8952,

Dawson Truck Parts
Why buy OEM body parts? Buy like other fleets do! Call Dawson to save BIG on collision parts! Hoods * Bumpers * Headlights * Mirrors * Grills for most models * Parts for all major makes Class 5-8. Dawson Truck Parts, a division of Dawson International, Inc., Dallas, TX - 800-938-4654 or Erie, PA 888-572-8040 - email or visit us at:

Drive E-Z
Greaseless Fifth Wheel *Eliminates "Dog-Legging" *Increase steering tire miles by 18% *Less stress on steering components * Easier to maneuver vehicle. Stop worrying about misaligned trailers! For more information, contact 256-684-1055 or visit

K-Line - Eaton Roadranger Authorized Tool Provider
Coolant Management System KL34000 * Reduces time required to drain and refill cooling systems * Eliminate air lock by drawing the coolant from the bottom up * Universal fitment for almost any model coolant system. We carry all tools necessary for Eaton transmissions and clutches. Visit

Innovative Products of America
Innovative Products of America® Incorporated (IPA) is a family-owned Manufacturer and O.E.M. Distributor. IPA® sells through traditional 3-step distribution to the Automotive and Industrial Markets as well as building and selling exclusive products for O.E.M. accounts. Peter Vinci, founder and president, is known throughout the industry for providing innovation, exceptional quality and service.  For more information, please visit

NG1 Tech Flo Exhaust
Pays for itself within 4-6 months. *Increases fuel efficiency by 10% - 20% *Improves engine torque & horsepower *Reduces emissions *Reduces sound by 9-10 decibels *Reduces engine running temperature. - 800-404-1832.

Transport Security, Inc
Transport Security, Inc. has been providing Cargo Security Solutions for over 25 years. The ENFORCER® Product Line includes King Pin Locks, Air Cuff® Locks (which has prevented 6 attempted thefts of trucks in 2008), Rear Door Locks, Seal Guard Locks (that prevent seal tampering), C-TPAT / ISO 17712 Compliant Security Seals and ABLOY® padlocks. The ENFORCER® Tracking Service allows companies to protect valuable assets with the use of The Trax 200, Web-based application to monitor cargo and assets through covert, portable devices that can report positions inside of containers, trailers and sealed packages. Users can electronically define transit routes for vehicles, setting the boundaries within which it is safe and acceptable and be notified when drivers deviate from pre-defined routes. The ENFORCER® Tracking Service features a 24/7/365 monitoring center and National Law Enforcement dispatch for immediate response to security breaches. We have successfully recovered over $6 million in stolen cargo to date. Call John Albrecht or Nick Erdmann at 952.442.LOCK, or email to Visit our website at:

Tufloc High Security Locks
Serious security for buildings and vehicles. Use with *Hinged doors * Roll up doors * Sliding Doors. Benefits: *No hasp * No shackle * No weak points. Featuring Medco High Security Cylinders. Call 800-321-0870 or visit