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Missouri Lawmakers Send 10¢ Gas Tax Proposal to November Ballot


Missouri voters will have the opportunity in November to vote on a tax increase that would fund road and bridge projects across the state.

Emily Younker | The Joplin (Mo.) Globe
May 24, 2018
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Planning Board Wants Virginia to Study Tax Based on Miles Driven

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With the rise of electric and other fuel-efficient vehicles, the state Virginia association of metropolitan planners is asking state Secretary of Transportation Shannon Valentine to take a look at a new way to pay for roads.

Jordan Pascale | The Virginian-Pilot
May 18, 2018
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Billions From Gas Tax and Vehicle Fees Will Go to Transit Projects, California Officials Announce

Tim Vrtiska/Flickr

California state officials announced April 26 that $2.4 billion from increases in the gas tax and vehicle fees will be spent on dozens of transit projects, including work to prepare Southern California for the 2028 Summer Olympics.

Patrick McGreevy and Laura J. Nelson | Los Angeles Times
April 27, 2018
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California Republicans Hope to Ride a Gas-Tax Repeal to Victory

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In a Central Valley, Calif., barn decked out in red, white and blue, dairyman and state Senate candidate Johnny Tacherra drew cheers from a crowd of fellow farmers when he said he opposes the California Legislature’s hike on gas taxes and vehicle fees.

Patrick McGreevy | Los Angeles Times
April 26, 2018
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California Republicans Ready to Turn in Signatures for Ballot Measure to Repeal Gas-Tax Increase

Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

Republican activists said April 24 that they have collected at least 830,000 signatures for an initiative to repeal recent increases in California’s gas tax and vehicle fees, more than enough to qualify the measure for the November ballot.

Patrick McGreevy | Los Angeles Times
April 25, 2018
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Travis Allen Spurs Feud Among California Republicans Over Anti-Gas Tax Campaign


Leaders of the effort to repeal California’s new gas tax increase are blasting Republican governor candidate Travis Allen for using money raised to repeal the tax to broadcast ads featuring himself.

Casey Tolan | East Bay Times
April 17, 2018
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New Hampshire Road Usage Fee Proposal Moves to Senate Hearings

New Hampshire's Route 16 New Hampshire's Route 16 by cappi thompson/Flickr

With cars becoming more fuel-efficient, the revenue from gasoline taxes is declining, leaving New Hampshire with inadequate funds to maintain roads and bridges, according to state Rep. Norman Major (R-Plaistow), chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Dave Solomon | The New Hampshire Union Leader
April 11, 2018
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Drivers Would Pay Tax on Miles Traveled Under Lawmaker’s Plan

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Drivers could pay a tax based on how many miles their vehicles travel under a plan being pushed by Missouri Rep. Sam Graves, who’s vying to become the powerful new chairman of the House Transportation Committee.

Lindsay Wise | McClatchy Washington Bureau
March 8, 2018
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Business Groups Say Time Is Now to Increase Gas Tax for Roads

Daniel Acker/Bloomberg News

The largest U.S. business lobby and the trucking industry joined forces to urge skeptical lawmakers to increase federal fuel taxes for the first time in a quarter century to raise money for crumbling roads and bridges.

Mark Niquette and Laura Litvan | Bloomberg News
March 7, 2018
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California May Tear Down Major Bridges to Build Bigger Ones for Oversized Trucks

John Murphy/Flickr

Flush with new gas tax funds, state officials are exploring what could be the biggest Sacramento freeway redo in modern times – tearing down and replacing the twin freeway bridges that carry Interstate 5 over the American River.

Tony Bizjak | The Sacramento Bee
March 5, 2018