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Ryder Signs Exclusive Deal With Electric-Truck Maker Chanje

Ryder Truck John Sommers II for TT

Ryder is moving into the electric-truck business, an early sign that a market for commercial electric vehicles is beginning to take shape.

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
August 14, 2017
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A New All-Electric Delivery Truck Is on the Way, and It’s Not From Tesla

Electric Van Chanje Energy

Chanje’s vision sounds a lot like Tesla’s: electric vehicles recharged via clean rooftop solar power.

Russ Mitchell | Los Angeles Times
August 10, 2017
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Tesla Meets With California, Nevada on Autonomous Truck Testing

Tesla Store Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg News

Tesla Inc. has met with California and Nevada agencies about testing an autonomous semi-truck ahead of CEO Elon Musk’s unveiling of the next addition to the electric-car maker’s lineup.

Dana Hull | Bloomberg News
August 10, 2017
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Cummins to Offer Option of Electric Engines by 2019

Cummins Inc. will have a fully electrified powertrain system available for commercial customers by 2019 and a range-extended electric truck ready in 2020, and is developing its next-generation heavy-duty diesel engine, the Columbus, Ind.-based company said.

Roger Gilroy | Staff Reporter
June 26, 2017
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Plug-in-Hybrid Electric Armored Trucks to Hit California’s Roads

Efficient Drivetrains Inc.

Efficient Drivetrains Inc. delivered a Class 6 plug-in-hybrid electric armored truck to Sectran Security, with five more planned, the company said.

Transport Topics
April 7, 2017
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Debut of Hydrogen-Electric Truck Launches Milton’s Vision to Revolutionize Industry

Nikola Motor Co. via YouTube

In launching the Nikola One with a splashy Hollywood-type production in front of a live audience in Salt Lake City, Trevor Milton has let it be known that building a hydrogen-electric, zero emissions, over-the-road Class 8 truck is just part of his plan to revolutionize the trucking industry.

Daniel P. Bearth | Senior Features Writer
December 12, 2016
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Daimler Targets Urban Uses With Electric Concept Vehicles

Neil Abt/Transport Topics

HANOVER, Germany — Daimler Trucks presented three electric concept vehicles ahead of the IAA commercial vehicles show here, signaling a focus on urban transportation.

Neil Abt | Editorial Director
September 26, 2016
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California Funds Greater Use of Electric-Powered Heavy-Duty Trucks

National Retail Systems Inc.

California has expanded its testing of zero-emissions electric-powered heavy-duty vehicles as the state grapples with finding solutions to the worst air quality in the nation in several of its cities, experts said.

Roger Gilroy | Staff Reporter
June 14, 2016
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Nikola Motor Promises Prototype Electric Class 8 Truck This Year

Nikola Motor Co.

Nikola Motor Co. will display a working prototype of a 2,000 horsepower Class 8 all-electric truck “later this year,” the manufacturer said.

Transport Topics
May 12, 2016
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Electric Trucks Already in Service in California, but Obstacles to Widespread Use Remain

The BMW Group

Those who think that electric trucks are a pie in the sky idea dreamed up by an environmentalist, meet Michael Simon.

David Elfin and Eric Miller | Staff Reporters
January 13, 2016