August 21, 2014 2:00 PM, EDT
Volvo’s North American Deliveries Rise 21%

Volvo Group’s North American heavy-duty truck deliveries rose 21% in July from the same month last year, the company reported Aug. 21.

Deliveries of its Volvo and Mack brands rose to 4,766 trucks from 3,914 a year ago, Gothenberg, Sweden-based Volvo said in a statement.

Volvo-brand truck deliveries rose 25% to 2,941 trucks, and Mack’s rose 17% to 1,825.

Year to date, Volvo brand trucks are up 40% in North America to 19,463, and Mack’s are up 23% to 13,190.

Worldwide heavy-duty truck deliveries for all Volvo brands declined 9% to 12,870 units for July. Year to date, they are up 10% to 99,411.

Volvo Group consists of Volvo Trucks, Mack Trucks and the Eicher, UD Trucks and Renault Trucks brands.