March 1, 2016 1:00 PM, EST
Used Commercial Vehicle Sales Rise to Second-Best Year Since 2005, IHS Reports
John Sommers II for TT

Used commercial vehicle transactions in 2015 rose to the second-highest level in a decade when records began, according to IHS Automotive.

Sales of commercial vehicles rose to 755,109 last year, driven by a strong fourth quarter, IHS reported March 1. Sales in the last quarter of 2015 increased 14.3% to 176,000. IHS began keeping records of commercial vehicle transactions in 2005.

Used commercial vehicle transactions last year were 6.2% better than 2014 and only 4.6% below the record level set in 2011, according to IHS analysis.

“When used commercial vehicle transactions are combined with new registrations, 2015 represented a record level of commercial vehicle activity. In the calendar year, 1.47 million commercial vehicle transactions occurred, exceeding the previous record of 1.37 million unit transactions in 2014 by 7.1%,” IHS said in a statement.

New registration of commercial trailers rose 1% to 254,700, the third-highest level since 2000, according to a separate report by IHS.  

“The commercial trailer market continues to be driven by the van segment, including refrigerated units, as combined new van registrations during the 2015 calendar year of 177,400 units were up 1.6% and represented nearly 70% of total new commercial trailer registrations,” IHS said in a statement.