January 21, 2016 10:00 AM, EST
University of Memphis, FedEx Tech Institute Launch Push Into Biologistics Research
FedEx Institute of Technology

The University of Memphis on Jan. 22 will launch the Biologistics Research Cluster, in which 16 faculty members will study the bioscience industry's transportation and logistics issues.

UM's Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute and the FedEx Institute of Technology have scheduled "lightning talks" at FIT to explain nine research projects.

Topics range from 3D-printed tablets and pills to packaging for temperature-sensitive shipments. The institutes have invested about $231,000 in the projects as they begin a push to establish UM as a national leader in biologistics research.

Dr. Stephanie Ivey, director of the Intermodal Freight Transportation Institute, said, “Biologistics is fast emerging as a key area of growth in the freight and transportation sector internationally, and we must stay at the forefront of industry developments through pragmatic applied research.”

“Our duty is to think long term and take the lead in the development of emerging new research areas of the future," said Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, chief innovation officer and executive director of  FIT. "Our goals go beyond supporting the efforts of our regional partners in biologistics economic development to also becoming the national research center for the development of integrative biologistics frameworks."

He added, "Soon we will be the first university in the country to have 16 faculty members working collaboratively to move biologistics forward, both as an industry sector and a theoretical discipline.”