June 6, 2014 8:00 AM, EDT
Truck Platooning System Tested in Nevada
Peloton Technology

A system designed to platoon or connect trucks wirelessly to each other to reduce fuel consumption was tested in Nevada in front of state transportation officials, according to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.

The system developed by Peloton Technology controls braking and acceleration but drivers remain fully engaged and retain steering control.

The reduction in aerodynamic drag in the two-truck platoon provides fuel savings for both the front and rear truck, according to the company.

“We connect forward collision avoidance technology on a pair of trucks, mitigating the most common truck accidents.  Our platooning network operations center ensures that the trucks and drivers operate in the safest mode for the road and conditions,” Peloton CEO Josh Switkes said in a statement. “The pairing of the trucks links their safety systems, increases driver awareness and saves fuel for both trucks. The leading truck saves fuel as well.”

The test, conducted by Peloton Technology, took place on Interstate 80, May 7, and was viewed by officials from Nevada Department of Transportation, Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Nevada DMV.

“Nevada was a leader in licensing the testing of autonomous vehicles and we welcome new technologies that will make our highways safer and the vehicles traveling on them more efficient,” Troy Dillard Nevada DMV director said in a statement.

The system was previously tested in Utah with C.R. England in 2013.