May 8, 2014 11:00 AM, EDT
Study Shows Video Monitoring Could Prevent Truck and Bus Crashes
Lytx Inc.

Lytx Inc. said a study by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute shows that more than 25,000 collisions could be prevented and more than 800 lives saved annually if all heavy trucks and buses were equipped with the DriveCam video and safety compliance technology.

The study was conducted by Jeffrey Hickman at the Center for Truck and Bus Safety at Virginia Tech and was commissioned by Lytx, which is based in San Diego.

Hickman reviewed crash data from 2010 to 2012 and concluded that use of in-vehicle video to monitor driving behaviors could prevent 35% of all collisions involving trucks and buses, saving 801 lives and preventing 39,066 injuries.

“If driver behavior is the primary reason for traffic crashes, then approaches that pinpoint and focus on reducing risky driving behavior are likely to be the most effective in reducing crashes,” Hickman said.

Lytx Chairman and CEO Brandon Nixon said the study’s results underscore the company’s mission. “We harness the power of video, predictive analytics and cloud technologies to prevent collisions, save lives and transform businesses,” he said.