June 25, 2014 1:00 PM, EDT
N.Y. Area Port Report Outlines Steps to Speed Truck Cargo
Global Terminal & Container Services

Efforts to cut congestion and delays for port truckers could be gaining momentum with the release of a report by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that includes 23 recommendations to speed cargo movement.

The agency created a port task force with 100 participants after winter weather, communications systems and shortages of labor and equipment combined to disrupt operations this year.

“Many of the problems experienced were system problems involving multiple stakeholders,” the report said. “It was recognized that no one entity in the port could fix these issues alone.”

The five highest-priority recommendations included an improved chassis management system and use of radio frequency identification tags to measure truck movements and better communications systems.

Next in order of importance were six more recommendations, including steps to provide more loaded truck moves and methods to prevent truckers from being charged for using equipment that’s stuck on the docks.

The other 12 recommendations included better communication through touch pads to reduce delays at entry gates and a container fee program to fund modernization of the port trucking fleet.

“These recommendations, based on input from the port community, indicate a need for increased efficiency, measurement and communication of data in a timely and efficient manner,” the report said.