April 21, 2014 11:45 AM, EDT
Marten Enhances Automatic Detention Pay Program
Company to Compensate Drivers After One Hour of Wait Time
Tom Biery/Trans Pixs

Refrigerated carrier Marten Transport announced a change to its automatic driver detention pay program and will now compensate drivers after one hour.

“When we first implemented our automatic detention pay for drivers a few years ago, we wanted a way to be able to compensate our drivers for their time,” said Tim Norlin, Marten’s director of recruiting.

“This change to the program that starts paying out to drivers after an hour of waiting is just one more way we can show our drivers how much we value their time and what they do,” he said in a statement.

The program will begin in June, when drivers will receive automatic detention pay on all loads after one hour. Drivers must follow the company’s detention policy, which includes arriving on time for pickup or delivery, sending appropriate macros and documenting arrival and release times in their paperwork.

If drivers are not loaded or unloaded within an hour, their detention pay begins automatically. The hourly rate for the first hour will be $10, paid in 15-minute increments. The second hour of wait time and on will be paid the normal automatic detention rate of $20.