March 11, 2014 1:00 PM, EDT
Hub Group Renames Drayage Unit

Hub Group Inc. announced it is changing the name of its drayage unit to Hub Group Trucking from Comtrak Logistics to recognize the growing importance of drayage services.

Hub, whose largest business is arranging intermodal shipments, acquired Comtrak in 2006 to provide its own drayage pickup and delivery for truck/rail freight. The unit has 2,800 drivers operating throughout the continental United States.

“We believe that a fully integrated drayage and regional trucking operation is essential for our ability to provide competitive transportation and logistics solutions for our customers,” Hub Group President Mark Yeager said, noting that the unit is among the nation’s largest motor carriers.

Hub Group operates 28 terminals and indicated in a statement that more facilities would be added to that network which provides regional trucking as well as drayage services.

Hub Group, based in Lombard, Ill., also has brokerage and logistics operations. It ranks No. 29 on the Transport Topics Logistics Top 50 listing of North American logistics firms.