March 14, 2016 9:00 AM, EDT
FourKites Adds Cellphone Tracking Feature for Brokers

Technology provider FourKites  has added a feature for brokers that allows tracking of loads without using an app on a driver’s cellphone.

The service, which costs $1 per load, with hourly location updates, is  being offered through interactive voice response from drivers on virtually all phones, even if they don’t have GPS. The Chicago company’s statement said that drivers whose cellphone number is provided by brokers must agree to tracking through Four Kites.

According to FourKites CEO Mathew Elenjickal, app-less cellphone tracking offers location updates to brokers every hour for only $1 per load tracked and every 30 minutes for $1.75 per load tracked.

"We see app-less tracking as a breakthrough for brokers in two ways," Elenjickal said. "First, it simplifies load assignment for both the broker and the driver. The driver doesn't have to download an app on his or her phone. All they have to do is respond to a phone request.”

Use of the app, known as Carrier Link, will remain free for brokers.

Tracking every 30 minutes is available for $1.75 per load, the statement said.