January 15, 2016 9:15 AM, EST
Engineers Give D.C.’s Infrastructure C-Minus Grade
Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg News

Most Washingtonians know traffic congestion in the nation’s capital is atrocious, the Memorial Bridge is falling apart and potholes greet your car at nearly every intersection.

But to truly appreciate the city’s shabby infrastructure, the American Society of Civil Engineers unveiled a report Jan. 14 chronicling its status.

While the city’s overall infrastructure received a C-minus grade, specific areas were given near-failing grades while others showed signs of improvement.

Not surprisingly, transit earned the second-worst grade with a D (levees received a D-). The engineers credited the inconsistent maintenance of the overall transit system for the poor grade. Roads also graded poorly, at D-plus, due primarily to the city’s low funding for roadway maintenance.

On the flip side, rail received a B-minus, as did bridges. Last year, the National Park Service closed lanes on the Memorial Bridge between Arlington National Cemetery and the Lincoln Memorial for emergency repairs. Nearly 70,000 vehicles utilize the bridge on an average workday.

“We have infrastructure challenges, but there are solutions to each of them and some are already on the way and some we need to support to make reality,” the group wrote.