March 3, 2016 2:20 PM, EST
DOT Estimates Value of Truck Tonnage to Rise 84% by 2045

According to a Department of Transportation study released March 3, the amount of freight moved by trucks in the United States will increase 44% by 2045 while its value will jump 84%.

Trucks are by far the nation’s most-used freight mode, moving 64% of tonnage and 69% of its value in 2015.

Total freight moved on all modes, including trucks, is projected to reach 25 billion tons with its value expected to soar to $37 trillion. The data comes from the department’s Freight Analysis Framework.

In 2015, nearly 18.1 billion tons of goods worth about $19.2 trillion were moved. That’s 49 million tons of goods, valued at more than $53 billion, shipped on a daily basis.

Energy commodities were 38% of total tonnage in 2015 and are projected to decline to a 31% share by 2045.

The Freight Analysis Framework includes data on the amount and types of goods that move by land, sea and air among large metropolitan areas, states and regions.